Road MTB Bike Inner Tube Rubber Bicycle

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Made in: Taiwan (AV for Schrader / FV for Presta) Weight 90g-200g net weight depending on model Note: Only 1 piece in 1 box Features: EXPLOSION PROOF: When pierced, the highly-polymerized material of the tube will create an air-tight seal around the object and prevent an immediate puncture which fully gives the riders more time to react. HIGH ELASTICITY: FOSS tube provides a superior ride quality due to high elasticity of the material which can actually reduce the rolling resistance. LIGHT-WEIGHT & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The material density is 0.88 g/cc. It is 30% lighter than traditional tubes (of the same thickness). And it is a recycled Environmentally Friendly material.

Warning: Do not inflate the inner tube outside the tyre to test the tube. That will damage the inner tube.